I am here to make positive changes to reconnect your dog back into the family. I am here to educate you and your family on how to get the most out of your dog. Lots of dogs become unruly because of lack of exercise, lack of discipline, boundaries and structure amongst other things.

I like to re-educate owners on how to make changes in their daily life to incorporate their dog as part of the family and in turn change the outlook for the dog and your dog’s future.
Lots of dogs get too much loving! There is a fine line between over loving your dog and over loving to fill your own emotional needs.

A dog that has no boundaries and too much freedom and too many choices that they can make that are wrong choices and create behaviour issues. This places a lot of unnecessary stress on the dog but also on you as the owner.  I strive to help you change your ways and to create a balanced and happy dog.

I want you to succeed with:

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Education and
  • Dedication.

I want you as a dog owner to gain confidence in your own ability to manage your dog.  I want to show you ways to share and enjoy your dog as part of your family and your everyday lifestyle.


What Above and Beyond Dog Training offers?

Dedicated support

Unlike other Dog Training centers, we go Above and Beyond we are here to help you with any dog problem you might have. Because we are not a “fixed location” training school we have experience in all areas and unique locations. We also run our own dog “pack”, which feature in our YouTube video’s.

Dog and Owner training classes

We offer training classes, either one on one or in groups at convenient locations. Starting from basic obedience classes all the way through to ..


We “fix” problem dogs.

Dogs are our passion, we work with you and your dog to create balance and fix any behavioral problem you dog might have.

Call Cathy NOW on 0408 735 043 to help YOU and YOUR DOG.